'Fresh Cut' New York Fries Opens in Hong Kong

December 5, 2008 - New York Fries, a privately owned Canadian French fry retailer, is pleased to announce the opening of its first Hong Kong store today.  Situated in the Gateway Arcade of the Harbour City, the restaurant occupies 730 square feet.

The Canadian company signed a master license deal with Hong Kong-based Next Step Limited to open multiple retail units in Hong Kong and Macao earlier this year. Next Step Limited plans to open 12 to 15 more units over the next three years in Hong Kong’s high traffic shopping centres and street front locations, with a move into mainland China as the long term goal.

The owners of Next Step Limited – Thomas Lau, Ricky Takasu and Ricky Lau – were first introduced to the New York Fries brand while living in Vancouver and upon returning to Hong Kong, saw the opportunity and pursued bringing New York Fries to the Hong Kong market. “What attracted us to the company is its ability to take a common product like a French fry and turn it into a premium, high quality indulgence by using only the best ingredients,” says Thomas Lau, an owner of Next Step Limited.  “Everyone loves French fries, and we strongly believe that the New York Fries product will be well received by the Hong Kong marketplace”.

China was a natural next step for family-owned New York Fries. “This market is increasingly receptive to international brands and we look forward to sharing the New York Fries experience with a new group of customers,” says Jay Gould, president and founder of New York Fries. “Opening in the Chinese market is a significant milestone for us. We look forward to much success in Hong Kong to add to our international growth.”

Serving a focused menu based on premium fresh cut French fries is what sets New York Fries apart from other fast food restaurants. Each day, fresh potatoes are cut in the store into French fries, leaving the skin on for added flavour and nutrients. The fries are then cooked in sunflower and olive oil, using a unique 3 stage cooking process to create the ideal French fry texture – crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. New York Fries have no preservatives or coatings, and are made to order. The result is real goodness and the great taste of real, fresh fries.

In addition to serving four sizes of fries, the restaurant features French fry “meals” including Canadian Poutine (French fries with real cheese curd and beef gravy); the “Works” (French fries with chili, sour cream, cheese sauce, real bacon and fresh green onion) and “Veggie works” (French fries with cheese sauce, sour cream, green onions and tomatoes). The restaurant will also serve a premium hot dog with a variety of toppings.

About New York Fries

Founded in 1984, New York Fries is a family owned Canadian company owned by Jay Gould and his brother, Hal. Based in Toronto, Ontario with stores all over Canada, New York Fries can also be found in South Korea, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. With 200 locations worldwide, most are located in major shopping centres and movie theatres. For more information about New York Fries and locations, visit www.newyorkfries.com.


For more information, please contact:

Thomas Lau                                                                                                      

General Manager                                                                                            

Phone: 6626-6414                                                                                         

Email: Thomas.lau@newyorkfries.com.hk   




Ricky Takasu       

Marketing Manager

Phone: 6254-5589                  

Email: ricky.Takasu@newyorkfries.com.hk