If you're one of the over 400 million active users on Facebook, you've seen some odd behaviour from your group of friends. You may have a friend who joins every group that pops up on their radar, or another who should think twice before posting embarrassing photos from last Saturday night.


Well, New York Fries is trying to freshen up Facebook-and get rid of absurdities on the social media site-through an application that allows fans to call out their friends' poor Facebook habits. The application, The New York Fries Call Out, was developed by Zig.


"[New York Fries] has had a tongue and cheek tone develop over the years," said Christopher Hayes, a strategic planner at Zig. By posting examples of Facebook faults on the social network itself, New York Fries aims to promote its chain in an amusing and dryly funny manner, while rewarding its loyal group of "friends" who can now proudly call out their companions on bizarre online behaviour.


If a fan of New York Fries wants to call out a friend's annoying behaviour, they can tag that friend in one of 14 posters (and counting) that contain a message attempting to convince the user to change their habits. These tags will immediately show up in news feeds alongside the standard Facebook posts and pictures, Hayes said.


For instance, one message, aimed at people who reiterate just about everything they do on Facebook, reads: "I appreciate that you use your status update as a 24-hour documentation of your life, but the next time I'm curious as to what flavour of lip balm you're wearing or whether or not you like pecans, I'll ask you." According to Hayes, the campaign is being marketed primarily on Facebook (where else?). "We hope that our 7,500 friends can spread the word," Hayes said.


Zig is not doing any paid media advertising to promote the online venture but tray liners and cups at New York Fries locations are showcasing the new application.