New York Fries tests NYF Poutinerie

From the company best known for its fresh cut fries comes the New York Fries Poutinerie. One of the few truly Canadian foods, New York Fries was the first to bring this traditionally Quebecois meal to Canadians across the country in the late 1980s. Now New York Fries wants to offer its customers more of this Canadian favourite by rebranding a portion of its counter as the New York Fries Poutinerie. The Poutinerie will serve New York Fries' famous poutine offerings along with a new Butter Chicken poutine; a creamy mildly spiced Indian dish, and a Braised Beef poutine; slow cooked Angus beef, carrots, onions and mushrooms in a red wine sauce.  Aimed at young adults with an appreciation for exotic flavours, the new poutines provide our customers with a reason to return to the New York Fries counter for a more sophisticated and contemporary meal.

The New York Fries Poutinerie concept is being tested in four existing stores, beginning today. The four units are all corporately owned and include the Toronto Eaton Centre, Fairview Mall, Markville Mall, and Bramalea City Centre. A national rollout is planned following an 8 week test and will be implemented by Spring 2011. Marketing support includes a "French inspired" store point of sale redesign (including menu panels and supporting POP), bounce back trial coupons for a free regular pop with the purchase of a new poutine, customer feedback surveys and 4 mall posters in Bramalea City Centre beginning August 30th to test the media effectiveness in driving new customers.