New York Fries perfects Canadian's favourite food with exciting new flavours

TORONTO, March 14 /CNW/ - From macaroni and cheese with lobster to pizza topped with caviar, Canadians are looking for new, stimulating flavours in the foods they already know and love. In answer to requests for more exciting, gourmet flavours, and to capitalize on Canadians' love affair with poutine, New York Fries has added Butter Chicken and Braised Beef poutines to its menu. These two new exotic flavours will complement the popular traditional New York Fries poutine.

"New York Fries has been selling poutine for over 20 years. In fact, we are largely responsible for nationalizing this Quebec delicacy," says Jay Gould, president and founder, New York Fries. "In appreciation for Canadians' enchantment with poutine we are transforming all our mall stores into 'Poutineries' and adding two gourmet poutines to the menu."

New York Fries' Butter Chicken poutine contains tender pieces of chicken in a mildly spiced tomato cream sauce. The Braised Beef poutine, based on a traditional Beef Bourguignon recipe, features slow-cooked Angus beef, carrots, onions and mushrooms in a red wine reduction. Both are served over real Quebec cheese curds (a poutine must!), and the brand's signature fresh cut fries.

"Our new Butter Chicken and Braised Beef poutines are already proving to be two of our most popular menu items," says Warren Price, executive vice president, New York Fries. "Canadians were clearly looking for a more mature flavour and a "full meal" offering at our counter, and with these new poutines, we have delivered."

Sales at all corporately owned New York Fries stores have increased up to 20 per cent over 2010 since they began testing these two new meals. With Canadians continuing to look for new gourmet flavours in their foods this trend will likely continue through 2011.

"As a chef I have seen Canadian tastes evolve, especially the desire for gourmet flavours in old favourites," says Rudi Fischbacher, National Canadian Culinary Institute Chair for the Canadian Culinary Federation and chef instructor at Humber School of Hospitality. "It is great to see restaurants like New York Fries understanding this need and adding gourmet ingredients into traditional comfort foods. The new Butter Chicken and Braised Beef poutines at New York Fries offer a savory, scrumptious taste and are made from the same ingredients you would find in my kitchen."

Both mouth-watering new poutines are available at most New York Fries across Canada for $4.75/$5.75. New York Fries continues to sell their classic fries, signature Poutine, Works, Veggie Works and hot dogs.

About New York Fries

New York Fries is a Canadian, privately-owned retail chain specializing in premium quality, fresh-cut fries. Located in all major Canadian malls, the chain has successfully expanded into South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, and Bahrain with 23 international units. In 2004, New York Fries became the first Canadian quick-service company to switch its oil to non-hydrogenated, trans-fat-free sunflower oil, further solidifying its position as a destination for those seeking a quality indulgence. For more information, please visit