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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you look for in a franchisee? Does the one with the most money and experience get the franchise?
We look for people who will “fit” in our system. Our franchisees have to be enthusiastic and have a genuine passion to own a New York Fries. Of course you have to be financially sound. Experience is not the most important thing as we will train you, but some business knowledge would be beneficial. We consider all our franchisee as partners.
Are you only in shopping centres?
Typically New York Fries are located in triple A shopping centres, however we are branching out to non-traditional sites such as: universities, highway locations, amusement parks, “food buildings” and theatres.
How much does a New York Fries franchise cost in a typical food court location?
The estimated cost is $220,000 - $280,000 plus applicable taxes.
What does this cost include?
This amount includes leasehold improvements and fixtures, equipment, inventory, and franchise fee.
Do you offer financial assistance?
New York Fries does not have the facilities to offer financial assistance. We suggest you approach your own financial institution.
Small space, but the start up price seems high?
We always go for the top malls. They all have extensive and rigid design requirements. We exceed those requirements. We insist on first class equipment and fixtures, designed to last. If we sold chicken or fish, you wouldn’t think it was expensive. We could, but we chose not to. It pays off. New York Fries locations sparkle. We fry “first class” only.
Is there anything else I have to pay after I open?
There is a royalty fee of 6% and a national advertising fee of 2% payable monthly to head office.
What do I get for my royalties?
New York Fries is a respected trademark in the areas it currently operates.
Buying Power: One of the other advantages in focusing on few products is New York Fries buys like a company many times its size. We can buy in the kind of numbers that allow operators proprietary products beyond the reach of an individual.
Research and Development: We invest in ongoing research and development of new products, systems and equipment; making New York Fries better, more competitive.
Marketing: You benefit from a world class system-wide advertising and promotional campaign. We are constantly building the value of the New York Fries mark, and its value to you.
Support: New York Fries head office staff consists of highly motivated and dedicated professionals. We demand both credibility and integrity from every level of the business and its’ associates.
New York Fries franchisees are in business for themselves, not by themselves.
New York Fries are more expensive than ordinary fries. Why?
Quality and value. We refuse to compromise on quality or value. New York Fries demands the best. The best potatoes, the best oil, the best condiments that money can buy.
How can you possibly make any money selling only fries and soft drinks?
French fries and soft drinks are purchased more than any other fast food item. There is always strong demand. The margins are excellent. Add in good management, and you’re on your way.
Why do customers keep coming back?
Quality. We buy only the best available product, period. Value. Our prices are generally higher, but our portions are bigger too. Variety. Nobody in the business has as many ways to “top your fries” as we do. New York Fries enjoys a phenomenal repeat business.